The most waited video of J. Jeff is out, “INNER MIND WAR” from the album PARTY IN HEAVEN. You can get the full album or a single song from the LINK above. Get yours(copy) and feel the groove and the messages the artist is trying to pass to the world.

J. Jeff-The New breed in music world.

I have listen to almost all his album, there is something about this artist that is so unique and originality. He step out and hit the nail at the right point, talking about the present and the future, giving courage to all those that will take their time to listen to his songs from a receiving heart.

If you are someone that listen to lyrics and not just the beats. J. Jeff’s songs is for you and you will feel the different as you take your time to point out the messages of encouragement his given to me and you. Forget the critics and take your time to get the messages.

The World of Music Today.

The world today is in coma in everything related to growth and uplifting of mind and soul. Everyone one of us around the world are talking about the good old days when music was music, because the lyrics speaks deep down to your mind and soul. Music today is cabbage because they doesn’t have the right messages to give, they talk trash and covered it with beats. If you’re that persons that need real songs to listen to, then J. Jeff is your artist because you won’t be disappointed, so give it a trial by buy a song from his album at the LINK above to support his good work.


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