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Chris Rock’s mon reacts to Will Smith slapping her son.

Rose Rock is a powerful orator, family and youth supporter, creator, and mother of entertainer Chris Rock. Rock, a local of Andrews, South Carolina was in Columbia today conveying persuasive talks to secondary schools in Columbia prior to coming by ‘Soft drink City Live.’

In an elite, one-on-one meeting with WIS’ Billie Jean Shaw, unexpectedly, Rock stood up against the stunning episode when her child Chris Rock was slapped on live TV by actor Will Smith after Chris Rock poked fun at Jada Pinkett-Smith’s hair. Pinkett-Smith is the spouse of Will Smith.

“You responded to your significant other giving you the side-eye and you proceeded to fill her heart with joy since she was considered chuckling when it worked out,” Rock said.

Rock says this is the one year she didn’t go to the Oscars and was watching the service at home when her child was slapped before millions. She told our Billie Jean Shaw, from the get-go, she thought the slap was arranged, until ” he [WIll] began utilizing vulgarities.” She proceeded to say, “when he slapped Chris, he slapped us all,” Rock said, adding “he truly slapped me.”

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Chris Rock's mom says 'when Will slapped Chris, he slapped me, he slapped  all of us' | My First Destination
Rose Rock said, When he slapped Chris, he slapped me, he slapped all of us’


According to Rock, her son Chris Rock was very excited to give Questlove his Academy Award, and because of Smith, that moment was taken away.

“No one even heard his speech. No one was able to just be in the moment because everyone was sitting there like, ‘what just happened?’” she said.

She said the only thing she could do from home reached out, and tell him she was proud of how he reacted. Which, as a mother, was hard to do.

Rock said so many things could have happened at that moment, stating Chris could have stepped back and fallen or Smith could have even been taken out in handcuffs.

Recently, The Academy reported that Will Smith has been prohibited from going to the Oscars for quite some time.

“The Board has chosen, for a time of a long time from April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith will not be allowed to go to any Academy occasions or projects, face to face or for all intents and purposes, including however not restricted to the Academy Awards,” Academy President David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson said in an explanation recently.

Whenever got some information about how the Academy took care of the present circumstance Rock said, “I wouldn’t remove his honor, and I see no great way they might have taken him out without upsetting.” However, the Hollywood mother said the absence of conciliatory sentiment from Will Smith for his activities has harmed her. “I feel genuinely terrible that he never apologized,” Rock said. “I mean his kin reviewed a piece saying I am sorry to Chris Rock, however you see something to that effect is private, you connect.”


Hollywood star Will Smith, who as of late landed himself in serious trouble in the wake of slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards service, was spotted at Mumbai’s Kalina air terminal.

Will Smith is in India, gets spotted at Mumbai airport. Check out pics -  Hindustan Times
Will Smith was spotted on arrival at Mumbai Airport.

In the photographs, Smith should be visible landing from a vehicle and heading for the terminal as he communicates with a probable man in the city. The justification behind Smith’s visit isn’t yet known, however deciding the go with the priest, might have something to do with the otherworldly pioneer and Isha Foundation’s Sadhguru. Smith considers himself one of Sadhguru’s followers.

Hollywood star Will Smith and his family recently got to spend time with spiritual leader Sadhguru. The founder of the Isha Foundation is on a 10,000-mile motorcycle journey across the United States. He met Smith, one of his celebrity followers, as part of the trip.

A behind-the-scenes video that was posted by Sadhguru on Instagram features glimpses of the special meeting that was all about life’s lessons. Sadhguru is seen arriving at Smith’s residence on his bike. During the interaction, the actor is heard saying, “Sadhguru is in town. I have been following him for a while. He wrote a wonderful book called Inner Engineering. I want my family to meet spiritual people, to start interacting with people who are not hooked on the material world.”

will smith meets sadhguru photos videos
Will Smith hosted spiritual leader Sadhguru recently.


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