Apple iPhone 15.

The 15th generation of iPhones from Apple won’t be out anytime soon. But persistent rumors have surrounded the anticipated attributes and specifications of the upcoming iPhones. According to a claim made by MacRumours, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, the entry-level models of the iPhone 15 series, may suddenly be less expensive than their predecessors, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

Leaks of the iPhone 15’s range have shown off a number of potentially alluring improvements and eye-popping price rises. However, a recent report suggests that Apple may lower costs.

Even after accounting for continued pandemic-related component shortages, historically trustworthy industry insider yeux1122 reports that Apple’s internal review of the dismal iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus sales found that their fall is “far outside the range projected.” As a result, Apple will set its prices aggressively.

Flat-edged iPhone 15 Ultra concept based on leaks

The insider claims that “the price is the major issue.” This is logical. Despite having a poorer display, CPU, camera, and an outdated design, the $899 iPhone 14 Plus cost just $100 less than the iPhone 14 Pro. There isn’t much of a rationale to choose Plus over Pro as the majority of customers spread their purchase expenditures over a two-year carrier contract.

According to Yeux1122, Apple has considered a number of methods to address this, including decreasing the feature differences between the standard and Pro variants of the iPhone 15, but has come to the conclusion that more aggressive pricing for standard units is the most likely course of action.

Update on December 31: The Mini form factor won’t be returning, despite Apple’s projected price reductions for normal iPhone 15 models. The significant discussion has grown around Apple’s “aggressive” pricing plan since after yeux1122 disclosed it.

Slashing the price of the iPhone 15 Plus sends shockwaves through the pricing of the iPhone 15, iPhone 14 (which is probably going to stay on sale), and even the base-model iPhone SE. As a result, it makes a lot more sense that Apple could simply drop the Plus and release an iPhone 15 Mini with the iPhone 15. This would allow Apple to lower the price of the entry-level model, increase the price differential with the iPhone 15 Pro versions, and maintain the costs of the other variants.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra is tipped to have dual front-facing cameras – concept render

According to rumors, the 2023 iPhone lineup will include the standard iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and the brand-new iPhone 15 Ultra. The smartphones are expected to debut in September, as usual. Despite the generic style, Apple is rumored to provide a titanium chassis for the Pro models. Apple is rumored to incorporate a USB Type-C charging connector in the iPhone 15 series. Using Thunderbolt or USB 3.2, it is expected to offer data transfer rates up to 40Gb/s.

The obvious choice would be to reduce the price of the iPhone 15 Plus by $100 to $799, hence reducing the price of the iPhone 15 to $699. The iPhone 14 would now cost $599 and would still be available for purchase. At that price, Apple runs the danger of undercutting sales of the $429 iPhone SE, which explains last week’s allegations that the firm is contemplating completely scrapping the 2023 iPhone SE.

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It’s interesting to note that a new flagship, the iPhone 15 Ultra, is rumored to cost even more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, while yeux1122 also supports this and claims Apple will make the iPhone 15 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro different from one another. According to Yeux1122, there are variations in the cameras and materials, which is consistent with rumors that the Ultra has a titanium chassis.

In the end, any suggestion of price reductions will come as a surprise because it contradicts numerous sources that claim Apple would raise, not lower, the majority of iPhone 15 prices. Having said that, yeux1122 has a track record of successfully leaking material that goes against the norm.

Notably, the insider refuted allegations that the iPhone 14 will have thinner bezels than the iPhone 13 in March; a week later, schematic leaks confirmed this. Despite numerous reports, yeux1122 predicted in August that iPhone 14 pricing wouldn’t rise. Ultimately, Apple froze prices in its largest markets. The leaker also distributed iPhone 14 Plus cases in September, proving that previous “iPhone 14 Max” branding rumors were unfounded.


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